GUCCIO no.1 (english)

guccioWe wanted to promote a new magazine:
All texts are in english and german language.


taking side, meeting & struggling on the way of revolution

“Austerity plans, anthracite suits, annual reports, faces without expres­
sion, optimization of economic monotony. Just another palace of glass
in a city in which already a legion of them took up quarters. Presidents,
prime ministers, responsable reponsables, pervaded by the importance
of their rituals all around price fluctuations, trading in stock, key interest
rates. They pretend to administer the system in the interest of all, like
solicitous heads of family. Yet they don’t lead a household but a war. (…)”

Content: Prolog ++ Time to disconnect ++ Don’t be afraid, be welcome in the „restriction zone“! ++ Four thesis for a preemptive neutralization of antiterrorism ++ Refugees are rising up! ++ Live in common is stronger than metropolis ++ Defend the neighborhood, destroy capitalism ++ C_o_m_m_u_n_e inter C_o_m_m_u_n_e ++ The new political Regime of Debt ++ Open Letter: Why an Internationale

The magazine is here for Download.